Target 24: A Teen Mom's Choices For Love Part 2

Twenty year old Madison has plenty to smile about, but she didn't always. She was 16 and pregnant with her son and has been working hard ever since.

Many teen girls turn to sex when looking for love.

"They get confused with love and sex and think it's the same thing, and they come up empty," Brenda Newport of the Women's Care Center said.

When it comes to media influence on teen girls, teen Mom's like Madison feel the show is unrealistic.
However just like on the show, life can throw curve balls to young mothers. At the age of 19, Madison became pregnant again. But this time around she's making a different adoption.

"I know in my heart what I'm doing is right. It would just be too much and I want both my children to have the best opportunities they can," Madison said.

From here Madison will continue working hard towards her future. Since receiving her GED, Madison has a bright future and big dreams to go to college for Occupational Therapy.

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