Target 24: Bullying and Parents

It's more common than ever to see parental involvement when bullying occurs.

The Perry sisters and their parents have been involved in a bullying issue at school. Their Mother says it started in the classroom and transpired to an athletic event. According to their mother, Alyssa doesn't want to go to school anymore or eat lunch in the cafeteria. Experts at the Ophelia Project say these are classic symptoms of bullying.

Others include: Headaches, fatigue, dizziness, and school absence.

Even though a bullying incident might occur off school property, the school is still legally responsible to resolve the issue because a school setting means any school sponsored event...and if the student is becoming so distressed that it effects learning.

Sometimes it's difficult for parents to know when to draw the line.

"She came up to me and said do you have a problem with my daughter," Alyssa said.

"As a parent addressing someone elses' child, I really feel that's crossing the line. You need to have an intermediary there," Leigh Anne Kraemer of the Ophelia Project said.

The School could not comment on a specific bullying issue, but they say they always do all they can.

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