Target 24: Living With Poverty

You don't have to be jobless or even out on the streets to be living in extreme poverty in America.

As poverty rates keep climbing, the hardship is overwhelming.

Sometimes, it's a run of bad luck, sometimes, it's poor decision making.

The causes of poverty are complex and regardless of the circumstances, the challenges are significant.  For some the financial hardship continues for years because families just can't seem to break the cycle.

Donna Bish grew up poor and has lived in poverty her entire life.

She's a single mom with two teenage sons and they've struggled to make ends meet for years.

Donna works two jobs and goes to school. She does this because she wants the best for her children.

The statistics are shocking with 45 million Americans struggling to meet even their most basic needs.

Despite widespread hardship and even after struggling for years with the things many people take for granted, food, shelter, and clothing. Donna says she'll never give up.

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