Target 24: Texting and Driving Part 3

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett put pen to paper hoping to reduce the number of traffic fatalities caused by distracted driving.

We all think we can do it, but in reality only 2% of the population is capable of texting while driving without losing significant response time. 

The bottom line: cell phones and driving do not mix.

Multi-tasking behind the wheel is a bad idea and could have deadly results.

And so Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett signed Senate Bill 314 into effect - banning texting while sitting in the driver's seat.

So if you're taking control of the wheel put the cell phone away.

To see what prompted the Governor's bill Traci Teudhope hopped in Officer Chris Janus's cruiser and rode through the City of Erie searching for violators.

Some spotted them right away, and some were so caught up in their texting - concentrating so hard- that they never noticed we were sitting by watching in a marked police cruiser and catching it all on camera.

Everyone thinks you can multi-task and drive safely, but the possible outcomes are scary.

Distracted driving kills and some experts say texting and driving is the most dangerous offense.

But texting isn't the only thing splitting drivers' attention.

Senate Bill 314 is widely seen as a step in the right direction.

Beginning this march, texting or emailing while driving is a primary offense across the commonwealth.

And JET24, Pennsylvania State Police and Purchase and George Law Firm are teaming up on a year long campaign called No Texting in PA.

We'll have monthly reports, and we're traveling to schools to talk about the dangers of texting while driving.

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