The Price of Beef is on the Rise

- Be prepared to pay more for steak or burgers this summer.  The price of beef is on the rise and at this point, show no signs of coming down.

According to the meat experts, beef prices have seen a 10 to 20 percent increase this year, and by the time summer is over, we could see another 10 to 20 percent increase in prices.

Gerry Urbaniak is co-owner of Urbaniak brothers in Erie and says increases in beef prices started last September with significant increases around the holidays, then another big hike in prices around Easter.

Of course the hike in beef prices is a trickle down from the increase in the cost of feed that farmers are paying to feed their cows. The price of feed is on the rise and that means higher beef prices.

Farmers who grow grain are feeling the effects of a drought. Grains are not growing properly. The drought is also keeping the grass from growing, so the grazing cattle are not getting a good diet.

At this point it doesn’t appear beef prices will be falling anytime soon.

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