Three Millcreek Schools to See Renovations


The Millcreek School Board has decided to make renovations to the districts schools. McDowell, Chestnut Hill and Grandview are all set to see renovations to make the schools safer and up to date. Bids have been set by the school board for potential projects they are hoping to see complete. A new McDowell will no longer be built, so many of the renovations will be focused there. The renovations include plumbing renovations, walkway restoration and replacing the turf on Gus Anderson Field. Officials say the life expectancy of a normal turf is 8 years and McDowell’s is 11 years old. Today the board voted to add new windows at McDowell that will be done by Perry Construction Group. Chestnut Hill is set to have electrical replacements and classroom renovations. Grandview will have a roof top unit replacement.      

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