Townhall Meetings Final Push to Save J.O.Y. Center in Millcreek

- August 5, 2014

The fight to keep Millcreek's J.O.Y. Center open for the seniors continues with the shutdown deadline looming.

The senior center is expected to close for good on August 27th, but many don't want to see it go and are still fighting for it. The Concerned Citizens of Millcreek (CCOM) are 150 members strong and the ten board members have decided to hold town meetings Tuesday nights in August to try to save the center.

Township supervisors cite duplicate services in the area, and say that it's just too expensive to run for the 300 people registered. The Director of Operations says it's a new business and needs time to grow instead of being shut down.

Supervisors say the decision will not be reversed and the center will close August 27th. Tonight's first meeting at the J.O.Y. Center will begin at 7 p.m.

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