Two Boys Alive After Slipping Down the Mill Creek Tube

- JUNE 8, 2014-- Two boys were taken to UPMC Hamot after slipping into the Mill Creek tube sewer system. The Erie Fire Department, water rescue and emergency crews from all over the city were called after the two brothers slipped into the Mill Creek tube around 8 PM Sunday evening. Fire officials say three children were playing in the water near 30th Street and Glenwood Park Avenue when two of the boys, believed to be ages 10 and 14, slipped and fell. With the constant rain from the day, crews said the current took the boys down the tube all the way to the water treatment plant on the Bayfront. Fire and water rescue crews were checking the sewer line access points all the way to the Bayfront during the search. When crews arrived at the water treatment plant the boys had pulled themselves to safety. Officials say the boys are in good condition with abrasions to the back. Fire crews say the older brother told them he grabbed his younger brother, held onto him the whole way down and said if we are going to die we will die together. The boys told the fire department they prayed the whole way down for a safe outcome. 

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