Two Youngstown Residents Busted for Theft at Wal- Mart

Published 08/22 2014 12:26PM

Updated 08/22 2014 01:11PM

August 22, 2014- Two residents of Youngstown Ohio are in the Crawford County Prison today, unable to post $ 50,000 bond. 

Here's how they got there.

Police say the pair of men, Robert Kurian and Phillip Tunanidas went to the Titusville Walmart, filled a pair of duffel bags with store merchandise, and tossed them over the garden center fence.

They reportedly went back into the store and exited the front doors. However before they could retrieve the goods from the parking lot, store management snagged the duffels and returned them to the store.

The alleged criminals left.

Police proceeded to the Walmart in Meadville, where Kurian and Tunanidas were identified and arrested. Police say they are the ones who tossed the duffel bags, and now they are in jail, awaiting a preliminary hearing for stuffing those duffels with $1366 worth of merchandise.

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