UPDATE: Two People Thought to have been in Mill Creek Tube Never Were

Published 06/21 2014 08:07PM

Updated 06/24 2014 02:45PM

June 21, 2014 - Firefighters were called to rescue people from the Mill Creek Tube around 7:30pm tonight, but it was later learned that no one actually was in the tube.

Initial reports indicated there were six people possibly in the tube, but Erie County 911 officials then said it was likelythere were just two.

Witnesses on scene said they did see two people go in the tube -- but according to Chief Tony Pol, City of Erie Fire Department, the two kids were never actually in the tube.

They went to retrieve a ball they were playing with near the mouth of the tube behind Alfee's on Glenwood Park Avenue when a witness thought they went in.

Emergency crews checked nearly every spot along the line that runs to the Water Treatment Facility plant on the Bayfront Parkway.

Crews searched for about an hour until it was called off.

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