Venango Twp Officials Told To Remove Buried Tires

- The Department of Environmental Protection has ordered Venango Township officials to remove dozens of buried tires being used as erosion control.

The problem was erosion was turning a small drainage ditch into a deep side of the road ditch that needed to be filled in.
And it was, except what township officials were using is a no-no in the eyes of the D-E-P.

The ditch is at the intersection of Young and McClelland Roads in Venango Township.
After a heavy rain, water cascades down Young Road.

A small drainage ditch allowed the water to continue into an old gravel pit, but over the years, erosion turned the small ditch into a dangerously deep and wide ditch, so township supervisors decided to use around 75 old tires to help control the erosion.

But in the eyes of the DEP you cannot bury tires in Pennsylvania and the supervisors must remove the dozens of tires they buried.

Township officials say they had no idea they couldn’t use the tires as erosion control and will remover them ASAP

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