Waterford Snack Plant Expansion in Question Following Vote

June 20, 2014-   The future expansion of a soon to be snack food factory in Waterford is up in the air after a vote to extend water to the plant fails.
It was last night when the Waterford and Sewer Authority voted 2-2 and didn't grant approval for a new water and sewer line to KLN Family Brands.
Now, the plant could be in jeopardy as part of the project hinges on that water line.
It's the 11th hour.
Today marks the expiration date for the bidding agreement for the company's extended waterline.
The snack plant is still scheduled to open on July 7th.
But this snag in the plan means KLN Family Brands will now have to use well water.
In addition, KLN officials are questioning if it is even possible to build on the extended 18 more acres of land.
Officials say extended work can't be completed without the new water line.
The company itself is paying for the water lines.
However, not getting approval may delay construction plans and prompt KLN officials to build the next part of their project in another city.
Officials who voted it down say it was for good reason.
They tell us it was done to protect the Waterford residents’ finances.
KLN officials say an extension has been granted from their contractor.
But as for Waterford, KLN needs their approval to move forward and they don't have it.
Below is a statement from KLN on this matter: 
Barrel O’Fun East and KLN Family Brands are extremely disappointed in the fact that the Pennsylvania local government bodies have not been able to come together in a manner that permits our project to move forward. 

While certain of the authorities have been supportive and responsive to our need for basic water and sewer services, not all agencies are following suit, despite having had months to work out and approve agreements that would help bring hundreds of new jobs to their region.

Barrel O’Fun East and KLN Family Brands are paying their own way, and have not asked for any handouts, yet still local government can’t get this done. 

This situation is especially frustrating when Barrel O’Fun East/KLN Family Brands has done everything asked of them. 

If Barrel O’Fun would have ran our business like we are observing some of the local authorities now act since we started in 1973, we would still be in our 10,000 square foot facility making a few items and we would not be in this situation today of bring major economic development to Waterford because we would not have the need; instead of our current 550,000 square foot facility employing 1,000 people in a community of 3,000.

It is a crying shame when government bodies have the ability to hold up progress when the business has followed all the rules and regulations.

We remain hopeful that the local governments will do whatever it takes to move this project forward, so that Barrel O’Fun may employ the constituents these local governments are supposed to serve. 

In the meantime, Barrel O’Fun is reviewing every option we have available to accomplish our goals.

Kenny & Charlie Nelson

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