Wind Turbine to be Demolished at the TREC

JANUARY 27, 2014- You can spot the wind turbine at the Tom Ridge Environmental Center from far distances, but soon you won't see it at all.
Harry Leslie, the Presque Isle State Park manager, confirms the worn out windmill that has been missing blades and broken for sometime will be demolished in the spring.
Konzel Construction placed the lowest bid thus far to pull the turbine down for $47 thousand dollars.
Leslie says the park will use construction funds and funds from the DCNR to pay for the demolition.
Leslie says to put up a new turbine it would cost roughly $70 thousand dollars.
But Leslie says during the winter months, the turbine became a safety concern.
The blades threw ice at cars and the TREC’s roof was even damaged.
As of now, Leslie says there are no plans to put the turbine anywhere else.
Leslie says the park supports clean energy.
He says they may donate the parts to another park.

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