Your Schools: Technology Aids Students


MAY 13, 2014-- Paper and pencil are becoming a thing of the past. Many schools are trying new ways of learning to give students more options and opportunities. The Barber National Institute has 70 iPads and 5 Tap It boards that it uses with its students and officials say they have changed the way they teach for the better. Dr. Barber-Carey says the benefits of technology are incredible and they have seen the results. She says it gives students a platform to be interactive, develop their hand-eye coordination and motivates them. The school uses special iPad apps to help students learn a variety of topics. While the Tap It is an interactive white board that benefits students who have physical challenges. The Barber National Institute is among many who think technology is helping students develop. Meghan Corbin, a Mercyhurst University professor, says she uses technology like Google Glass to give her students hands on experiences. Corbin says using Google Glass gives her students a different perspective when doing mock interviews. She says glass shows them exactly what her eyes focus on.

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