Your Schools: Technology in the Classroom


MAY 13, 2014--Whether they’re going green, or giving students more options, school districts throughout the area are utilizing technology updates in the classroom more than ever before. Officials say computers, iPads, smart boards and other devices allow students to be interactive with learning. Teachers say in the tech savvy world that we live in, using technology for school gives students an outlet for creativity and curriculum. The Erie School District uses programs like Gaggle, a cloud based learning platform that keeps students connected and allows them to submit assignments virtually. Hogan says students enjoy using technology because they think it takes less work. She says she finds students learn faster because the results are more immediate. Many schools are ditching the average blackboard for new smart boards. Teachers and students alike say it’s helping them learn more. The board allows students to take notes, play educational games and develop different skills, from English and history, to math. Smart boards are even helping kids as young as kindergarten put their knowledge to use. School officials say all the technology options that are available gives students the chance find anything they need at their finger tips. 

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