Zippo Offers Support For Lost Lighters

- It's not a story that will help the economy, or lower the price of gasoline, but for some it will help ease the pain. The pain of losing your Zippo lighter.
share the pain is a virtual support system for owners of lost Zippo lighters.

For many people, especially for veterans who served in World War 2 and Vietnam, Zippos are more than just lighters.

For some they are treasured gifts, keepsakes and symbols of American history.

Zippo's new website, share the pain, consumers can share the sadness of having to live without their Zippo lighters.

Once your on the site, you can share your pain with Jax Mcflame, the ultimate Zippo man and all American tough guy

The Zippo study surveyed more than 11 thousand people.
Of those who owned and then lost a Zippo lighter, nearly 20 percent noted that they were devastated upon realizing their lighter was lost.
you can visit the web site at

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