- It's a bad habit that's unfortunately become all too common: texting while driving.

    It's now against the law but it's a tricky law for police officers to enforce.

    The law banning texting while driving went into affect on March 8th, but state wide, not many citations have been written for those violating the law.

    JET24, FOX66, along with the Purchase and George Law Firm and the Millcreek Police Department continue the NOTXTNWPA campaign, this time at McDowellIntermediateHigh School.

    According to records from the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts and the Philadelphia Police Department, there have only been 901 citations issued statewide.

    Millcreek Police Officer Corporal Anthony Chimera admits that it's a tough law to enforce.

    He says that officers look to see how long a driver is on their cell phone before pulling them over for a citation.

    On average, 112 citations are written a month throughout Pennsylvania.

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