12/10/08 Baginski

 This weeks Golden Apple Winner is Danielle Baginski. She was nominated by Kelly Shreve. Kelly writes: "Fun." "Energetic." "Motivational." "Nice." Words most kids would use to describe their teachers. Well, all of these things describe Ms. Baginski - she is an amazing teacher! You can talk to her about almost anything and she will be there to listen to you and offer advice. She provides such motivation to me, words cannot even really describe. I have never really liked gym or working out for that matter, but her personality and motivational words just make me want to work out. Ms. Baginski makes me want to be more fit and keep eating healthy. She is starting a program after school for kids to stay after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays and work out, to help kids stay fit and to be more active just like she is. She is also the girls varsity soccer coach at McDowell High School! Ms. Baginski is simply an amazing person to be around, and she will make you laugh whenever you are with her. all in all, you could not go wrong with giving the Golden Applw Award to her because she is the best and my favorite teacher that I have ever had in all my years of attending school. So, I am asking you to please select her for the Golden Apple Award.

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