Deborah Bailey of Fort LeBoeuf High School is this weeks Golden Apple Winner. Deborah was nominated by Brandi Pursell & Alysia Crane. The girls write: Mrs. Bailey, oh how can we describe the wonderful Mrs. Bailey? For starters, she teaches in a way that everybody can understand what she is presenting. Even though sometimes students get wound up and may grustrate other teachers, she still keeps her cool. that is why everybody loves her. If somebody does not get what she is teaching, she will take the time after school or before school to explain it to them better. She even does in one short notice, too! She also takes the time to make awesome cookies just for us! She is truly the best teacher we ever had. She is like family to us. If help was ever needed she will be there for anyone. The previous homecoming queen was not available to be with us at our homecoming. Students in the Student council chose her to present the crown over all the other teachers in the school. Since Mrs. Bailey has touched all of our hearts, many tears were shed when she walked down the field on her husbands arm. Mrs. Bailey is a great teacher and we hope that she has a good retirement. Brandi and I just wanted her to know that we will miss her. Mat class will not be the same without our wonderful Mrs. Bailey. She has touched all of our hearts in some way. If someone was having a bad day her class would just make it better. Mrs. Bailey is a fun, loving, and caring teacher. No one is this world would ever be able to replace her.

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