Day at the Beach 6/26

 Presque Isle State Park is nothing short of a regional treasure, and its roads and trails can turn into bottlenecks.

As serene and gorgeous as it is, you might be surprised to see just how busy and congested a traffic hub Presque Isle State Park can be.

Its roads and multipurpose trails see the most use this time of year but even though the setting seems remote, those pathways still have rules.

Assistant Park Manager Dorothy Krupa says, “People need to be aware to keep their speeds slowed down and realize that we do have park rangers that keep an eye on the speed and they will cite someone if they catch them speeding.”

Those speed limits are 25 mph and posted throughout... but it's not just bicyclists and pedestrians Krupa says you should slow down for and be aware of.

“Being a park, we've got wildlife so we've got deer, turkey, you'll see turtles crossing the road.”

Paralleling those roads are the many biking trails; they're organized to correspond with traffic flow maintained on normal roads.

“We ask that users of the bike trails stay to the right and then you kind of have like on a road with two-way traffic,” says Krupa.

Between walkers, cyclists, rollerbladers and joggers, those rougher areas of Presque Isle live up to their multipurpose name, but Krupa says keeping traffic smooth is as easy as following basic driving rules.

Krupa says, “Pay attention to the other visitors and if you are doing something like rollerblading, be sure to maintain a safe speed that you can control yourself and realize sometimes other people can be a little unpredictable too.”

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