Day at the Beach 7/10/10

The purple martins have inhabited our region for thousands of years.


This time of year the beach isn't the only place that is crowded on Presque Isle.


The purple martin apartments have no vacancies.


The Purple Martin Conservation Association has been providing homes for these winged beauties for four years.


" We put up housing there about 4 years ago from scratch started no housing there no martins and we got 'em the first year its been building ever since, " says John Tautin.


John Tautin works for the PMCA providing homes for these birds that would otherwise have no place to live.


"This is a bird that is unique among American birds in that it depends entirely on people to provide its housing," says Tautin.


If people didn't put up the housing, the bird would soon be a threatened endangered species.


The Conservation Association has built five apartment style units to host 90 nests.


The PMCA does more than house these birds they also track their behavior.


They found when these birds fly south for the winter they travel thousands of miles.


"When they left Erie went all they way down through Mexico, Central America in to the Amazon basin of Brazil and then came right back in the spring right back to here," Tautin says.


No matter how far south these birds fly, they always make their way back to Erie.

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