Hearts Without Homes: Awme's Story


We've been hearing so much about children in Haiti waiting to be adopted in the wake that tragic earthquake. But there are children right here in Erie looking for someplace to call home.


Chris Cerenelli has this month?s edition of Hearts Without Homes.


A nine year old girl who has big dreams needs a forever family to make them come true.


Nine year old Awme is a young lady of many talents... from singing, to dancing, to art.


She's a student at Sarah Reed and was quick to school me on the finer points of glitter paint.


But for as much as she has going for her, she needs a family to share it with.


Awme says, I need a bed and blankets and pillow and I need food.?


Elisha Pancoast of Family Services NWPA says, ?She's one of those kids that hasn't had stability... a lot of life experience in a very short amount of time, funny, you know, great sense of humor.?


She exudes a lot of focus for someone so young and for good reason - becoming a professional singer and dancer are just a few of her ambitions.


Chris: Tell me what kind of dances you do.

Awme: When I dance, I don't really have a dance planned out, I just think of it while I'm doing it.


Her love for animals is driving her to want to study to become a veterinarian when she gets older.


But what she'd love more than anything is the love, support, and unconditional friendship of a forever family.


Pancoast says, ?She's even open to trying new things, you know, we'd talked about maybe playing soccer, she wants to be a cheerleader, you know, she wants to get out there and be active and she needs a family that's definitely going to foster that.?


Chris: If they were watching this, what would you tell them about you?

Awme: That I'm very hopeful that one of them will take me.

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