Hearts Without Homes: Daniel's Story


Today, Chris Cerenelli profiles a child who needs you to open your heart and your home.


Daniel Martin has been through a lot in his young eleven years, but he's hoping for a new beginning.


11 year old Daniel has had it rough at times... his mom passed away when he was just six, he says his father was never in the picture.


He loves Erie and wants to stay, but there's just one thing he's missing.


Jessica Logan, a case worker, says, ?He needs a family to take him in and to be able to care for him and his needs and to allow him to be an adult now and help him grow into an adult.?


Daniel is up for adoption through the Hermitage House in Cambridge Springs.


Chris: What do you want people to know about you?

Daniel: That I'm a good kid and that I'd love to be with a family and be together, on family outings and stuff.


Logan says despite some tough beginnings, Daniel?s future is surely bright.


?Daniel is very fun to talk to; very fun to interact with... he's very, very intelligent. He loves video games too, so he's fun to play video games with,? she says.


Chris: You said you don't like school; tell me why you don't like school.

Daniel: Because it's kind of boring.

Chris: Not really challenging for you?

Daniel: Nope.


But don't let that fool you... there's plenty he's passionate about... like studying to become a paleontologist.


?I just read a lot of books about it and thought it would be a really neat job,? Daniel says.


Young Daniel?s dreams are big, but he needs you to help make them come true.


The number for SWAN - Statewide Adoption Network - is 1-800-585-SWAN.

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