Hearts Without Homes: Denise's Story


It's once again time to profile an area child who has all the tools for success... they just need a forever family to help them achieve it.


Chris Cerenelli has Denise?s story in this month's edition of "Hearts Without Homes.?


12 year old Denise is truly one of a kind and a truly well-rounded young lady.


?I like to do gymnastics, I like swimming, I like sports,? she says.


She's also a natural at making bracelets.

For as much as she has going for her, there's just one thing missing - a family.


?I want a mom and dad, I want to be around children my age, a barn with horses and cows and dogs and cats,? says Denise.


Elisha Pancoast of Family Services of NWPA says, ?She's a very active young lady who loves to try new things, she gets very excited about trying new things. She's a great helper and also, she's really going to be able to bond with any family.?


She's up for adoption through Family Services of Northwest Pennsylvania and says the hardest part has been the waiting.


?I keep on asking and asking when I'm going to get a family,? Denise says.


Still, her case worker says Denise?s religion has centered her and will continue to shape her.


?Faith is very important to her and I think that's definitely gotten her through these tough times,? Pancoast says.


And it shows - church is one of her favorite activities.


?I like to sing the hymns,? says Denise.


In the meantime, making the bracelets came a lot easier to her... for me, not so much.


If you're interested in learning more about Denise, you should contact Elisha Pancoast with Family Services of Northwest Pennsylvania.


Family Services of NWPA

Ph: 866-4607


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