Hearts Without Homes: Greg's Story

Many times we see teenagers portrayed as selfish and having little to no idea of what they want to be when they grow up.

But that's not always the case.

In this month?s Hearts Without Homes we?re introduced to one special young man who has all the dreams in the world but just needs a mom and dad to share them with.

Hanging out with this young man was very special, thanks to him I was able to try some new things and it definitely made me more appreciative of what it takes to be a firefighter.

Greg is a sixteen year old energetic and friendly young man who wants nothing more than to be a firefighter.

?You?re ready to go. You can't wait for the fire," he says.

Except for one thing, to have a family to call his own and to rescue those in need.

?It gives me a warm feeling inside of that I helped someone out today or tomorrow or whenever," says Greg.

Greg and I spent some time at the McKean Fire Department.

We traded in our street clothes and suited up in the gear.

Alese: ?Now I want you to tell me what all this stuff is starting from the top to the bottom.?

Greg: ?Ok this is the helmet it keeps you safe in the fire. Got your gloves so you don't get burned with your hands. We got boots. Water proof and fire proof I think."

We then took a tour of the station and even got a chance to ride in the trucks.

Since Greg already knows so much about firefighting, he showed me the proper way to use the hose and extinguish a fire.

In his free time Greg loves to read fire rescue magazines and has taught himself what all the equipment is.

?Got electronics. Hoses. Electrical cords. Then we come back down here... fire extinguishers. Extra air packs. Jacks."

After exploring all the trucks and teaching me what all the equipment is used for-- Greg and I sat down for a more serious talk.

If you ask him why he wants to be adopted the answer is simple.

?Well because I just want a new life and everything," Greg says.

Greg says he could fit in well with a family and would love to have brothers and sisters.

He even loves animals and wants a pet.

?I would love to have a dog. A puppy or a kitten."

If it's a puppy, make it a Dalmatian.

Greg would love to share his passion for fire fighting with a new family and wishes one could be there to see him reach his goals.

?I would like to volunteer at a fire department or rescue animal shelter," says Greg.

Even though Greg?s desire is to rescue others, this future life-saver needs a hero of his own.

?Please adopt me because I would really be an enjoyable kid to have."

If you think Greg would make a nice addition to your family, contact Family Services of Northwestern PA at 814-866-4500.

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