June 15, 2012

You don't need much space to enjoy a few wonders of nature.  In fact, I have everything I need here to create a bog-like garden for my balcony.

Carnivorous plants like the pitcher plant and sundew grow in wet acidic environments known as bogs.  This curly reed, elephant ear, chameleon plant and moneywort grow in wet soggy areas in or next to ponds.

Once you select the plants, find an all-weather pot without drainage holes.  Mix equal parts of clean sharp sand and peat to create your planting mix.

Arrange your plants to provide a pleasing display.  Making sure the tall plants do not overshadow the smaller ones. Set the plants in the potting mix so the crowns are just above the soil surface. 

Grow in a sunny location and water as needed.  Tap water is usually ok but rainwater or water collected in your rain barrel, or dehumidifier will be even better.

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