Meet Brittany in Hearts Without Homes

There are hundreds of children in our area who are waiting for a mom and dad to call their own.

            In our continuing series called hearts without homes, we hope to help make that happen.

            Brittany is a 13 year old girl who is crazy about animals.

             Brittany is great at horseback riding and she is passionate about riding.. But horses aren't the only animal that Brittany loves, she is also passionate towards cats and dogs.

            And being the natural country girl at heart that she is...of course she loves country music...Taylor Swift to be specific.

            Brittany says she loves high school musical... so much in fact that she wants to marry Zac Efron!

            But above all, Brittany wants to know what it's like to love a family. She explains to me that she wants her future mom and dad to be caring, loving and have a cat, a dog, or a horse.

            She wants to be adopted and have a family of her own...but she tells me she tries not to think about it that much.

There are so many kids out there just waiting to be adopted, Brittany being one of them...she wants a family she can finally call her own and that might that be you.

            You can call Family Services of Northwestern Pennsylvania at any time at 814-866-4500.

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