Melinda's Garden Moment July 13, 2012

It's not just about the flowers when it comes to selecting perennials for the landscape.

The purple leaves of this bugbane hold its place in the shade garden until the white flowers appear in fall.  Try combining with purple and pink flowered perennials.

Lady's mantle is enhanced by the early morning dew or after a rainfall when the water beads up and glistens in the sun.  Shade from the hot afternoon sun will help prevent leaf browning.

The silver and red highlights of Japanese painted fern make this a standout in the shade.  The delicate fronds contrast nicely with the bold leaves of hostas.

The bronze tinged foliage of this Copper King hardy hibiscus serve as a focal point and unifying feature.  And the flowers of knautia and rudbeckia as well as the seedheads of Karl Foerster feather reed grass echo its impact.

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