Melinda's Garden Moments 07/20/12

July 21, 2012--If you've been trying to think of a way to enhance your entrance-way, Melinda Myers is here to help.

Add life and year round interest to your front entrance. 


What started out as a typical foundation planting of evergreens has expanded into a colorful entry-way.


A mixture of neatly pruned Evergreens, are softened by the billowy Catmint flowers that last all summer. These provide a nice transition between the green and purple leafed shrubs while echoing the blue-green needles of the nearby Colorado blue spruce.


A newly re-landscaped entrance takes the focus off the garage doors and onto the front entrance. The vine covered trellises soften while the strawberries provide an edible groundcover.  The stonework stabilized the hillside and created planting space for more seasonal flowers.


Mixed beds flank the sidewalk directing visitors from the drive to the front door of this home. The variety of plants combine to provide year round interest to this foundation planting.


I'm Melinda Myers.  Check out our website for this and other gardening tips.


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