August 24th, 2012

Here's an idea. Tear down those fences and join forces with your neighbor to create a beautiful shared garden. 

Melinda Myers is here to tell us how.


Get rid of the fence dividing yours and your neighbor's yards.  Instead create a beautiful garden you both can enjoy.


These neighbors did exactly that.  This attractive garden spans two yards.  Both homeowners decided to join forces and create a shared garden for their mutual enjoyment.


The large bed spanning two properties makes both yards appear larger. They created a sense of unity by repeating textures and colors.  Though they blended their styles and preferences, they let their personalities shine with their plant selection, arrangements, and design.


And both went green by sharing a compost bin.  This simple wire bin is tucked amongst the garden, out of sight yet easy to access.


They took this idea one step further by positioning their vegetable gardens next to each other.  They kept the functional parts of their landscape convenient.


I'm Melinda Myers.  Check out our website for this and other gardening tips.




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