Melinda's Garden Moments 08/31/12

August 31st, 2012

Vines can make a garden take on an all new look. And there's all kinds to choose from.

Here's Melinda Myers with this week's Garden Moment.


Grow vertical in your landscape by adding some flowering vines to screen bad views, soften walls and structures, divide areas in the landscape, and even conserve energy.


In the garden, train vines onto obelisks, trellises, and other supports to create a vertical accent.  This Hops is a twining vine that wraps around the support and the obelisk provides year round color in the garden.


The clematis climbing over the arbor creates a welcoming passageway between these two garden spaces.


Some vines like the climbing hydrangea and euonymus attach by rootlike holdfasts.  Only use these on masonry or wooden supports.


Next to the house, always use support that allows air flow between the vine and siding, reducing the risk of rot and mold.


And add a bit of vertical interest to your patio, deck or balcony by growing vines in containers.


I'm Melinda Myers.  Check out our website for this and other gardening tips.










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