Presque Isle Park Rangers

Hundreds of thousands of people will visit Presque Isle State Park this summer.


A crew of dedicated park rangers keeps all those people safe.

It's another day on the job for the 16 Presque Isle Park rangers who patrol the park 24/7 all summer long.


Assistant Park Manager Charlie Meade says, ?Visitor service is our main philosophy. people come here for the first time they want to know where the beaches are where you can swim where the best place is to swim,?


But it's not all fun in the sun - being a ranger on Presque Isle is part customer service, part cop.


?Our rangers all went to police academy; we're all considered police officers for a city of the first class, so most of us went to State Police Academy,? says Meade.


That?s something a lot of people learn when they get a speeding ticket? but the hordes of summer tourists bring more serious problems too, from an exploding car Memorial Day weekend to some very worried parents.


"We have occasional missing person or missing child. Nine times they went to the concession stand or went to the bathroom and didn't tell their parents,? Meade says.


But those are the exception not the rule.

Most of the time everything is just like it should be, thanks to the park rangers who keep Erie?s crown jewel safe and pristine all summer long.


Meade says, "We're not here to give people tickets - we're here to educate people the best we can our philosophy is we want to educate people, we don?t want to give them fines for doing this and fines for doing that."

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