TREC Gardens

Most people who visit the Tom Ridge Environmental Center don't stop outside to enjoy the gardens.


The flowers, grasses and plants that surround Tom Ridge Environmental Center aren't the plants you see everyday, but they are native plants that have been growing in the area for hundreds of years.


TREC Garden Volunteer Coordinator Jan Sweny says, "And what we have planted in the gardens here are plants that are native to this area of northwest Pennsylvania. So along the lakeshore, some plants that you might find out on the peninsula, some other plants you might find along the lakeshore, lake bluff area."


These gardens give people the opportunity to learn more about wildlife prior to civilization in the area.


"This gives them a chance to see what they look like when they're actually in the ground and growing," Sweny says.


Because the plants are native, they require less water and can survive on their own.

However, volunteers maintain the garden by trimming and planting new additions.


"Volunteers are always welcome to come out and help out in the gardens, whether you have an hour or half day or a day," says Sweny.


So with the first day of summer coming up, head down to TREC to lend a hand.


Sweny says, "Summer is short, so come on out and enjoy it."

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