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  • Birthdays

    Want to wish a friend or loved one a Happy Birthday? Send your birthday wishes to Good Morning Erie.

  • Dr. Joe Barber

    Dr. Joe Barber discusses topics regarding children's health and nutrition.Mondays on Jet 24 Action …

  • Edinboro University Golden Apple Award

    Throughout the school year a teacher is chosen to receive the Golden apple award by being nominated…

  • Good Kids

    Kids are making a difference in our community every day.  Help us applaud and encourage them by …

  • Hearts Without Homes

    There are hundreds of children in the Erie region waiting to be adopted. We feature these children …

  • Jet Pet

    Featuring dogs and cats in need of a forever home.Wednesdays on GME & Jet 24 Action News at noon …

  • Lakeside Auto Pay It Forward

    If you had only one hour to give away $300, who would you give it to?

  • Living Well with Debbie DeAngelo

    Debbie DeAngelo is a leading health educator, dedicated to providing health care information from …

  • Melinda's Garden Moment

    Learn tips and tricks on keeping your garden beautiful and healthy.Fridays on Jet 24 Action News at…

  • Tech Talk

    Every other Wednesday Jet 24 and YourErie.com features the hottest tech trends.

  • Wild Stuff

    Scott "The Zoo Guy" Mitchell shows us all of the "Wild Stuff" hanging around the Erie Zoo.Watch …

  • What's Cooking

    Featuring great new recipes and dinner ideas.Tuesdays on Jet 24 Action News at 5:30am

  • Your Health

    Current health information to keep you informed.Sundays at 6pm and Thursdays at 5:20pm on Jet 24 …

  • Your Money

    How can you better invest and spend your money?Watch our Your Money segment on JET24.