PennDOT Open House at New Driver License Center

If you had business today at the new Driver License Center on upper Peach Street, you got to be part of the open house event.

We took a tour of the building and found a new and improved center that's aimed at speedy service and customer satisfaction.

It was back in August the Driver License Center moved from the Harborcreek location to the Summit Towne Centre on upper Peach Street.

Today an open house was held to showcase the new digs.

Deputy Secretary of PennDOT Kurt Myers says, "An improvement over our previous center... it's larger and has more square footage and all of the state-of-the-art technology to offer the very best services to the citizens of Erie."

PennDOT officials felt it was important to continue to modernize and look for ways to get the customers in and out as quickly as possible while still catering to the customer.

"Get them on their way so they can do all the other things they like to do with their day as opposed to be at the DMV," Myers says.

Now that the center has moved to busy upper Peach Street, where do you take your driver's test? It starts in a quiet parking lot.

You take your parallel parking test with no other cars around, and then it's onto busy Peach Street for the road test. For the new driver, this could be intimidating, but practice makes perfect.

Northwest District Manager of PennDOT Barry Bacha says, "One of the things they need to do before they take the test is to have so many hours of practice, 50 hours, now 65 hours, so it's not like it's the first time on the road."

PennDOT officials also showed off the new driver's license unveiled this week.

The new license came about because of the counterfeit licenses that look pretty close to the real thing - this one will be hard to duplicate.

"It's a black and white hologram, and what happens is the product surpassed the color spectrum so all you see is black and white," Myers says.

Pennsylvania is the first state to utilize this technology.

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