Proposed Budget Cuts

In the city of Erie a massive deficit has had officials at the School District scrambling to balance the budget.

And once again school sports are on the chopping block.

There is a proposal on the table to eliminate sports at Central Tech, instead having two city teams

The Erie School District would dissolve the sports program at Central and let students there decide whether they wanted to try out for strong Vincent or East High School, much like Collegiate Academy kids do.

They would also expand the sports programs in those existing schools, establishing varsity, junior varsity and ninth grade teams, hopefully strengthening the overall city sports program.

The idea would save a quarter of a million dollars, and possibly the jobs of five teachers.

In order to get the public on board, though, Ed Bzrezinske, the board member who introduced the idea, is going to have to show them no kid will lose out on their sport, and get the public to look at the school district as a whole entity, not individual schools.

Bzrezinsiki told us, "We almost have a crisis of confidence right now.  We've been talking about the budget since January and everyone wants to talk more about it and think more about it. We have all the facts."

Now this again just a proposal, and it has met mixed reviews from other school board members

And a quarter million bucks is just a drop in a 26 million dollar bucket

But its the first real drop that?s been proposed.

And that won't be the only thing discussed in tonight's meeting.

Jay Badams will be going into more detail with respect to how the district plans to take action to get out of a 26.2 million dollar budget deficit.

In addition to sports consolidation we could see many jobs and pay cuts being laid out as well as the possibility of shutting down an entire school.

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