Proposed State Budget Cuts

We knew state budget cuts were going to be felt here locally, and now we know how deep those cuts could be.

Faced with a massive deficit, Governor Tom Corbett introduced hundreds of cuts to the state budget, and the State Department of Welfare is shouldering many of them.

It?s no different here in Erie County, where we have dozens of programs and organizations dedicated to helping homeless, mental health patients, battered women, and impoverished families.

More than a dozen of those organizations, mainly non-profits, operate in large part with money from what?s called the Human Services Development Fund.

In Corbett?s budget that fund is eliminated.

How big is the impact here? According to Human Services Director Sheri Gross, more than half a million dollars in funds would be gone if the budget stands as is.

That means non-profits will have to cut programs - mainly preventative care programs - or trim staff.

It is cause for concern all across Erie County, which has a large population of families and homeless that depend on those services.

We know how big the proposed cuts are but not exactly where they'd come from. Gross is talking with non-profits, asking all of them to start making cuts.

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