Public Meeting Raises Concerns for Potential Erie Rail Terminal


Develop Erie and EIP Intermodal Rail Terminal met with the public to share their plans for the proposed Erie Rail Terminal in Harborcreek. The 60 million dollar project would construct an intermodal facility that officials believe would enhance the region's freight capabilities. The potential project would involve using the existing rail lines and plans to work with CSX. The public meeting hoped to show people the early stages of the plan and get the community's feedback. Many people have concerns about this project and what it might do to the area. Hundreds of community members came out to the meeting to express their issues with the project. Area residents believe this is the wrong place for the terminal. They say it will be too close to people’s homes and right through the town. Noise levels and pollution to the town are also major concerns. More than 1,200 people have already signed a petition in hopes to put a stop to this project.

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