Radioactivity Tests Done in PA

Governor Tom Corbett announced today that they had tested the public drinking water over the weekend.

Concerns were raised when concentrations of a radioactive element, likely originating from Japan?s damaged nuclear plants, were found in rainwater samples.

Nothing at all was found in the drinking water.

The elevated levels of radioactivity found in the rainwater on Friday were still well below levels that could pose any harm to pets or livestock.

Air quality is also being tested and results are expected later this week.

Officials are warning that people should not take potassium iodide pills at this point because they are unnecessary and pose unnecessary risk of side effects.

Those pills are only to be taken when specifically told to by public health officials or the governor.

?Ironically, today marks the 32nd anniversary of the accident at Three Mile Island nuclear power plant,? Governor Corbett said. ?The lessons we learned from that incident and the safeguards that were installed, including constant monitoring, have made us better prepared for situations like this.?

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