Rae Foods Are Made In America

- It's a business that's been in business since June of 2013, but has already made its mark in Westfield, New York.

Rae Foods is a mother, daughter owned business that makes pierogies for the Nowinski label. Rae Foods makes these cheese filled pies of dough from scratch. From the potatoes that come from Troyer Farms in Waterford, to the rest of the ingredients that are bought locally as well.

There are six different varieties of pierogies that Rae Foods makes. From potato and cheese to potato and garlic to cheese and jalapeno to even sauerkraut pierogies. It takes less than 10 minutes for the pierogie to go from a ball of dough to cheese filled to the quick freeze and into the bag ready to ship to many outlets that sell the Nowinski brand.

The business is run by Rachelle McFeely who serves as president of the company, and her mom, Beverly Braley who serves as Vice President. Together they make sure that the product they put out to the public is the best it can be and they are proud their product is made in America, made right here.

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