Staycation Destinations

July 1, 2013

If you're more inclined to celebrate in town this year for the 4th, we have some staycation destinations for you. Staycations are a big hit with people on a budget, and there are some great places to head to, right here in our region. Start with the attractions in
Titusville. If you're into a bit of history and a lot of fun, there are two great places just miles away from one another. The Oil Creek & Titusville railroad is one place. Take a 3 hour vintage train ride down through Oil Creek State Park. Tour guides are on board with you to talk and give historical information as you travel.

You can even grab a snack before you head to the train. There's also an open car for sunny weather rides. Then, head down the street to visit the Drake Well Museum that recently underwent a massive renovation. Learn about the birthplace of the modern petroleum industry. The interactive indoor/outdoor museum sits on 240 acres of land. There is an exact replica of Drake's well and it sits on the exact ground where the original once stood. How about taking a trip to North East this week? Lake Erie Wine Country is the largest grape growing region in the country outside of California. Presque Isle Wine Cellars and Mazza vineyards are family-run and offer tours and tastings. For those who love the water, of course there is Presque Isle State Park. Spend the day on the peninsula and visit the beaches, do some boating and head out to do some fishing in the middle of the lake. Also along the waterfront, you'll find the Flagship Niagara and the Erie Maritime Museum. See the history of Erie laid out for you in a very visual way. It's a great time to tour the museum because of the commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Lake Erie. All of these staycations are easy on the wallet, and much cheaper than heading out of town for the 4th. If you'd like to see more on the train ride in Titusville, click around our website to view the web extra.

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