Tactical Medic Reacts to Firearms and Fireworks Taken from East Erie home

- June 20, 2014 – A potentially dangerous situation in Erie Thursday as authorities confiscate explosive materials and dozens of firearms.

A local first responder weighs in on the hazards facing first responders with no indication of what they are about to encounter when they respond to a scene.

Harry Latta, volunteer firefighter and EmergyCare employee, was on scene Thursday during the raid as a tactical medic.

He says first responders are dealing with brand new obstacles when they arrive on scene, especially when there's a fire.

Agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, along with City of Erie Police and the Erie County Sheriff's Department and the Bomb Squad converged on a house at 827 East 33rd Street Thursday.

Steve Bartholomew, special agent spokesman for the ATF in Pennsylvania, referred to the event as an "enforcement action."

Officials were seen carrying out what looked like more than sixty guns from the house along with various containers -- including fireworks.

Nothing exploded Thursday, however first responders are unaware of what they encounter when they go to a scene.

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