Toxic mining sludge pours into a pristine lake and streams in Canada

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Toxic crud is escaping its confines everywhere as the volume of waste from mining, fracking and fossil fuel extraction piles up.

It is happening this week in Pennsylvania where authorities cited leaking fracking containment ponds and in British Columbia, where a giant lake of metal mining tailings jumped its dam.

Cariboo Regional District authorities captured the environmental wreckage northeast of Vancouver by videotaping it from a helicopter.  Watch from  minute 1 through 5 to get the gist of this event, which a local chief declared to be a “massive environmental disaster”.

The force of the breach, which occurred early Monday morning, uprooted trees and sent an estimated 5 million cubic meters of toxic tailings into Fraser River, connecting waterways. The mess was headed toward two lakes,  Quesnel and Polley.

Province officials issued a ban on drinking, swimming or bathing in any of the affected waterways.

In addition, the 300 residents of the nearby town of Likely will definitely be banned from drinking the tap water until tests can analyze the contamination.

Residents also have been told not to allow pets or livestock to drink the water.


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