Traveling with Kids

It’s that time of year…packing up the family and venturing out on a holiday break or on a trip to see the grandparents! It’s already a stressful time of year but add the congestion on the highways and in the airports… it’s enough to make anyone crazy!

So how do you make it through this busy travel season?  Start by simplifying your life.

Many hotels have everything you need like strollers, cribs, toiletries…all you have to do is ask!

If you’re flying, try to get on the time zone you are traveling to as soon as possible.  Keep good bedtimes so no one wakes up cranky in the morning.

Pack an organized bag.  Spend a few days before thinking about what each child needs to make it through the time away.

Get charged up!  Extra power is essential for all digital items.  Make sure you bring all chargers for every device.  It will save a lot of tears in the long run.

Bring an extra bag filled with books, games and gadgets to keep your kids occupied.

Pack a throwaway camera for each child.  Let your child take pictures throughout the trip. When you return home, have the photos developed and spend time reminiscing about the memories you made. 

I’m Dr. Sue with The Kid’s Doctor helping parents take charge.

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