WalletHub Report: Best & Worst States for Finding Tax Help

- WalletHub compared the 50 states as well as the District of Columbia in terms of seven key metrics– ranging from the number of accountants per capita to their average workload and hourly compensation – in order to identify the geographical sweet spots for tax assistance across the country. You can find a brief overview of our findings below.
On average, there are 8 accountants per 1,000 jobs in the U.S., with each handling roughly 227 returns.

57% of people pay someone to prepare and file their return.

2.6 million people made “math errors” on their taxes in 2012.

The average American taxpayer receives a $1,560.38 refund. (Note:This figure reflects the average across tax filers, not just those receiving a refund).

Best States for Tax Help

1 North Dakota

2 South Dakota

3 District of Columbia

4 Massachusetts

5 California

6 Colorado

7 Hawaii

8 Missouri

9 Vermont

10 Minnesota

11 Montana

12 Washington

T-13 Kansas

T-13 South Carolina

15 Maryland

Worst States for Tax Help

37 Wisconsin

38 Nevada

39 West Virginia

40 Utah

41 Kentucky

T-42 Illinois

T-42 North Carolina

44 Ohio

45 Louisiana

46 Georgia

47 Arkansas

T-48 Indiana

T-48 Tennessee

50 Texas

51 Mississippi

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