Water Main Breaks Rampant

- It's been a record breaking two months for Erie Water Works crews as they respond to several water main breaks.

640 miles of pipe carry water to the thousands of city residents.

But the fluctuating temperatures and bitter cold wreck havoc on the underground pipes making for a busy season.

Erie Water Works crews have been working extra hours repairing 150 water main breaks during January and through February 16th.

The CEO of Erie Water Works Paul Vojtek says he's been with Erie Water Works for fifteen years and this is the busiest season he's ever seen.

Vojtek says they have more water main breaks than crews saying it's been a challenging year for water works employees.

Vojtek says the roller coaster weather and below freezing temperatures are to blame for the significant amount of breaks..

The amount of water main breaks isn't expected to die down.

Vojtek is preparing for a busy upcoming week as temperatures are expected to dip into the teens again next week.

Some of the pipes underground were laid in the 1800s but the average age of the pipes is from forty to sixty years old.

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