Web Extra: Ben Forster of The Blue Man Group

- The Blue Man Group has been called visually stunning, wildly inventive and hysterically funny.
Although it is impossible to describe, people of all ages have said that a Blue Man Group show is an intensely exciting and wildly outrageous experience with no spoken language.
It's been popular in places like New York and Las Vegas for many years, and now the Blue Man Group comes to Erie tomorrow night as part of the Broadway in Erie series.
Joining us tonight is a member of the Blue Man Group, without his blue face, Ben Forster.

Ben, how do you describe what the Blue Man Group is?

Is the show the same every night?

How many blue men are there in the Erie show?

Those of you in the cast, are you actors, musicians, comedians, mimes? What's your background and how does one end up a Blue Man?

For those that aren't sure, is your show appropriate for kids?

Whats the poncho section?

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