Wildlife Safety a Concern Following Blue Heron Rescue

- July 21, 2014

A Great Blue Heron had to be rescued from discarded fishing line over the weekend at Lampe Marina. Now, park naturalists at Presque Isle are urging people to clean up.

Environmental educators say it happens way more often than we hear about and a little cleaning up can go a long way. The Blue Heron is just one in a growing population of birds getting tangled in fishing line. Confusing other trash for food is causing wildlife to get sick and in some cases, causes death. Our lake also becomes polluted by the scraps people leave behind.

The Tom Ridge Center holds a clean-up once a month so volunteers can help clean up the beaches. There are also other programs in place if you and your family or friends would like to help. You can visit www.trecpi.or for more information.

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