YMCA Has Two Months to Prove Tax Exempt Eligibility

The potential closure of the Warren County YMCA could be stopped if the YMCA can prove they meet requirements to remain property tax exempt.

The YMCA is one of several non-profits in Warren County that may have to begin paying property taxes. YMCA supporters say the cost could close the YMCA's doors for good.

In order to keep their tax exempt status they'll need to prove they meet all five requirements of the HUP Test.

The big question is; Are they purely a public charity? Commissioners Stephen Vanco and John Eggleston say no after looking at an evaluation by a forensic accountant.

So a motion was made and approved two to one to halt their legal team from taking any further action for 60 days to give the YMCA 60 days to come up with the proof.

Commissioner and YMCA supporter John Bortz still voted against the motion because he believes the proof is already there.

Commissioner Vanco says he doesn't believe this will force the YMCA into closure but he says they're willing to take another look.

The CEO of the YMCA says he believes they can and will produce the information the commissioners need to drop the litigation in the next 60 days.

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