Youth From Across The Country Helping Local Residents

Sunday July 7th, 2013 

Dozens of local folks are getting some much needed work done on their homes for free. 
400 students, from youth groups all over the country, arrived at Harborcreek High School Sunday. They're gearing up for a week of hard work, helping people they've never met, get the help they've been needing. 
JoAnn Jeska, the local coordinator says "mostly elderly and disabled folks, people that just can't do the work themselves it helps them be able to stay in their homes sometimes their insurance companies will cancel their policies if work doesn't get done"

These students won't let that happen. They'll be working full time for a week, helping 60 residents in Erie, Harborcreek, Lawrence Park, Millcreek, North East and Weslyville. All towns they may have never heard of, but kindness knows no distance. 

The students commented on how the distance they traveled did not matter to them, they are happy to be here and help. 

Sunday, move in day, the teens in the Work Program brought their sleeping bags because they're camping out for a week at Harborcreek High School. 

To make all of this possible, each student paid a fee to help cover costs and $19,000 was raised locally to help with repairs to the homes. 
The recipients all signed up for help through different charity organizations and those most in need were selected. If you're wondering about the teens here who are affiliated with this Work Group, 13 of them from Messiah Lutheran Church are headed out of town soon to help residents in Belle West Virginia. 

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